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Food and Fire


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A well designed outdoor living area to bring family and friends together in comfort and warmth sharing laughter, love and food is as important as a great indoor area according to New Zealanders. We love to connect around fire, reviving the tradition of outdoor cooking, sharing food, and story-telling.

The Kiwi Outdoor is uniquely "Kiwi", high quality products designed to accommodate the New Zealand environment whilst supporting owners as they entertain and spend time with loved ones. Traditionally the addition of an outdoor fire was enough to provide warmth and an area to connect, not now, more and more people want to provide amazing food as well. The Kiwi Outdoor Oven is the only product on the market that is not only the best wood fired oven, built to last from weathering steel, but also a hot radiating outdoor fire.

To add value to any home and enhance lifestyle, industry experts are suggesting a well designed al fresco space. Our mission is to create an outdoor  experience to help people spend more time together outdoors. 

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Large Oven

An entertainer’s dream, creating banquets for large groups or having all the pizza’s ready at the same time for the entire family. Once the food is served, sit back and enjoy the phenomenal heat from a double fire box. The Large Stainless Steel Kiwi Outdoor Oven is the most popular product in the range.

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Colour Ovens

Currently the newest product of our range with unique and outstanding colours that not only compliment your outdoor living but also enhances the colours surrounding your favourite place by reflecting the outdoors. There is nothing quite like this product in the market. 

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Large Copper

The premium product of the range. 

There is nothing else on the market that compares to the Large Copper Kiwi Outdoor Oven. An extremely good-looking oven that will compliment it’s environment by changing colour depending on location and then aging nicely.

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The oven cabinet completes the large oven nicely providing a dry space for oven accessories or wood. Made from square tube with mild steel sides, the cabinet is power coated giving it a polished finish. You can purchase it with wheels or feet depending on your needs.

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Released to the market in 2016  on customer request, the Stainless Steel Nugget is the smaller oven in the range and is the best comparison for catering and heat against other products on the market.. Customers love this product and its versatility, especially good for smaller outdoor areas and family time together. 

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Copper Cabinet

A premium product requires a premium cabinet. Whilst the sides can not be made from copper due to the softness of the material, a copper badge and handles really sets it off. 

At the same price as the stainless steel cabinet this product is a real win for clients.

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Copper Nugget

The smaller version of the premium product and brand new to the range. The Copper Nugget Oven is absolutely stunning, customers love how great it looks in their surroundings. Anyone using this oven  is always impressed at how much food can be produced from this oven and then the amount of heat it generates.

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Custom Build

For special spaces ovens can be customised to fit depending on requirements. From stainless steel skins with copper fronts to small flue pipes and no feet we do our best to accommodate your requirements as long as it does not affect the oven quality and phenomenal heat.

Ask the question.

We have a big family to feed at the beach over the summer and the pizza oven has been a fantastic way for everyone to be involved at mealtimes including the kids who love to make their own pizza's.  We have also used it to cook slow roasted lamb and bake freshly caught snapper.  The oven heats up to cooking temperature fast and we can feed everyone quickly with each pizza cooking in around 3 minutes and then we usually close up the oven and open the fire doors to give us a mobile wood burning outdoor fireplace.  We have had a great experience with our oven and I would be very happy to recommend the Kiwi Outdoor Oven Company to anyone considering this type of outdoor cooking.