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'The Kiwi Outdoor journey began at Pauanui Beach, Coromandel 2012 where two kiwi blokes decided they wanted a "fast heat up, top quality Pizza / Cooking Oven and Outdoor Fire".

There were many options on the market, but none that did it all! It needed to be NZ made, huge in size with the idea of commercial use and had to have the WOW factor. Design began, in true kiwi fashion, calling in favours from gurus in the steel industry and finding new gurus for every detail. Two prototypes were built and extensively tested with off the chart temperatures and warped steel.

Officially launched as The Kiwi Outdoor Oven Company in 2013, constant onsite promotion and pizza parties were how the ovens were originally sold. A promotional wood fired pizza caravan was started at Pauanui beach with queues of people lining up for the wood fired taste. The ovens also featured on MKR2014 Season 1 Episode 25 in the Pizza Challenge.


In 2018 Waikato business Arstone Limited, Brendan and Naomi, purchased the business to take it on the next stage of it's journey, the best Kiwi Outdoor Oven / Fire on the market. With the addition of a hire market and increased products the business is going from strength to strength with so many wanting to be part of The Kiwi Outdoor revolution!

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As New Zealanders we have a deep love of the outdoors, out in the sun all day extending into the cooler Kiwi nights surrounded by friends and whanau. Imagine the sense of pride you will get when your guests are served amazing food and phenomenal heat, that deep sense of satisfaction when they leave at the end of the night, thanking you for such a lovely evening – in fact the best night ever, everyone always remembers great food, great company and warmth!

You will not find anything else on the market that compares to the Kiwi Outdoor Oven. An entertainer’s dream, producing cooking results that previously you could only dream about, the oven will cook banquets for large groups or just have all the pizza’s ready at the same time for the entire family.

Roasts will fall off the bone, BBQ grilling will provide a more natural smoky flavour and salmon will be juicy with crispy skin. Roast vegetables can be added when ready, as well as garlic bread and corn in the husk if that is what you enjoy. Slow cooking is made easy because of conductive heating directly from the back of the oven, making it so easy to maintain the heat.

The biggest benefit of cooking outside is that you are mingling with your guests, no longer stuck in the kitchen or behind the BBQ.

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