Searching for the true outdoor cooking experience? You will have noticed that there are two kinds of outdoor cooking facilities currently on the market, outdoor fires with cooking facilities attached or outdoor smokers / pizza ovens that don't produce the same heat as outdoor fire.

The Kiwi Outdoor Oven is the only product on the market that does both well. Why should you compromise on what you really want, an amazing outdoor cooking facility and an amazing outdoor fire. 

Consistent Heat 

The best cooking results are achieved when heat is consistent - where the entire oven is the same temperature, and there is no area of the oven cooler than the other.


Consistent heat is also important with large amounts of food or the cook takes so long..The Kiwi Outdoor Oven is perfect for cooking great food, every part of the oven is the same heat, there are no cold spots and the food is cooked on time with a consistent bake.


This is because the food box is separate to the fire box with side channels bringing the heat up and around the food. The temperature is easy to maintain with door dampers and radiating heat helped by the fire bricks which is a massive bonus for great tasty food.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is vital for producing quality food on time so no one has to wait for their meal.


The Kiwi Outdoor Oven has two features to assist with temperature control, dampers in the firebox doors and a thermostat at the top of the food box.

Of course maintaining heat shouldn't be a full time job so it is important to have a sealed unit with no leaks, insulated to maintain heat and high quality steel 5mm thick.


These are all important qualities to stabilise temperatures and maintain an even cook.


Add to that the size of the cooking box and you will impress all your guests with the delicious food that just keeps on coming.


The Kiwi Outdoor Oven never leaves anyone behind, either in the kitchen, trying to sort out garlic bread and roast vegetables or standing around a BBQ trying to get sausages cooked. Instead, everyone is together laughing and chatting around the fire.

Ask your guests to bring a salad for the table and the Kiwi Outdoor Oven will do the rest! Everything from baked Camembert cheese, smoked salmon or a cob loaf as a starter to slow-cooked ribs, roast vegetable salad and garlic bread for the main. Then pop in self-saucing chocolate pudding or apple pie for dessert.

There is nothing quite as special as the feeling of community that the oven creates.