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BARBECUE B.O.I (NZ Competitive Barbecue Team)

There are two aspects to Barbecue B.O.I. that relate to The Kiwi Outdoor,:
1. Retail Shop in Kerikeri, Northland and a Kiwi Outdoor stockist
2. Competitive BBQ competition team sponsored with one Original Large Oven and one Nugget.

Ken is the center point for The Kiwi Outdoor and his philosophy is "Barbecue is not a Season".  "
BBQ is a community, a culture,  a lifestyle and most importantly it is about family and friends. It is about celebrations and creating memories, it is about building on old friendships and making new ones. It is a support system like no other I have ever known, full of legendary people not only willing to be there but wanting to be there for you."

The perfect person to be part of The Kiwi Outdoor Family, Food and Fire, Family and Friends.


NZBA Jack Daniel's Barbecue Championship 2023 

on 19 January Team Barbecue BOI received the trophy of Grand Champions for the 2023 competition. This has been a goal for the team in all the years they have competed together and against each other.

It was a special moment because not only are they "coal mates" cooking and promoting their art, they are also great mates supporting each other and loving life.

Thank you  for trusting our product, for getting the best out of the oven and including us on the journey. It has been a lot of fun!

2023 National Champions_edited.jpg
BBQ Competition.jpg

Why Sponsor Barbecue BOI?

When Brendan and Naomi (B&N) purchased the business in 2018, they were so impressed with the food cooked in the ovens they joked how great it would be if they could be part of a competition to prove it. The ovens have competed previously as the Pizza Oven on MKR 2014 but they were proving to be so much more.


When  B&N met Ken, they asked him if he would be interested in testing them out in competition. At the Whangarei Show and a few cooks, plus checking in with his team mates, Barbecue BOI agreed to use them for the 2023 season. The team is continuing to cook with them for 2024.  


American Royal

Barbecue BOI's major win at Kumeu at the start of 2023, the biggest competition of the year. earned them a spot in The American Royal World Series of Barbecue - dubbed The Royal. The competition took place in Kansas City in the United States in October 2023..

What an incredible opportunity for the team, a dream come true to represent NZ at the largest BBQ competition in the world with 500+ teams competing. We sent the ovens with them!

Check out the Northern Advocate Article published 26 January.

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