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You are looking for a wood fired pizza oven. You know you want one that is easy to use, quick to heat, maintains its temperature well, is built to last and can produce many great wood fired pizzas for your friends and family.

It has not being an easy choice so far, there are so many products available - why exactly is the Kiwi Outdoor Oven the best pizza oven for you? Check out these testomionals from one of our many pizza catering experts - Food by Wild Wood Fire

Easy to Use

Easy to Use means something different to each person, but when it comes to producing great pizzas you want a consistent all over cook with no soggy bits and a nicely cooked base.

The Kiwi Outdoor Oven allows you to roll the pizzas through the oven moving them from one rack to the next before crisping up the base of the pizza on the NZ hand made pizza tiles at the base of the cooking chamber. Guests never have to wait as the pizzas just keep on coming.

The temperature of the oven will determine the time it will take to cook the pizzas, most commercial operations will cook at 450 degrees (approx 50 pizzas per hour), however home cooks will tend to run the oven a bit cooler (approx 350 degrees) so they can work a bit slower and not overcook the pizzas.

Pizza output numbers can be important to guests, to the entire dining experience, especially when children are involved. Children love the fact that they will get their own pizza at the same time as their friends and don't have to wait. This is all because the large oven will  roll through 12 pizzas at once and the Nugget 3. 


Quick to Heat - Easy to Maintain

Who wants to wait all day for an outdoor pizza oven to heat? Not you! You want to be able to come home from work, fire up the oven and have restaurant quality wood fired pizzas for dinner. 


That is how long it takes to heat The Kiwi Outdoor Oven. Recently an oven owner shared that their children come home from school, light the oven and cook pizzas for afternoon tea - how awesome is that?

Maintaining the correct temperature is so important to get the right cook, there is nothing more embarrassing than under cooked food or guests having to wait hours because the temperature cooled too much. The Kiwi Outdoor Oven is designed with dampers meaning that you have the ability to adjust the air flow, you control the flame. 

Like all things it will take a few cooks to get used to working with fire but when you purchase an oven, instructions are provided on how to set the perfect fire, what wood to use and how to maintain the right heat for the food you are cooking.

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Built to Last

We know that you are purchasing something that could replace all your other outdoor appliances, such as your brazier, outdoor fire, outdoor pizza oven, smoker and BBQ so it has too last otherwise what would be the point?

The Kiwi Outdoor Ovens are hand made from 5mm Corten steel (weathering steel) with a 10mm plate through the middle. When developed it was taken up to ridiculous heat to make sure it could handle the pressure - the ovens are built to last, in fact the original ovens built in 2011 are still going strong today, 8 years later. 

Fire is hungry, it can destroy what looks like the most sturdy of pizza ovens. Fire has tried and failed to destroy the Kiwi Outdoor Oven, it reigns supreme every time. 

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