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The ovens are made from Weather Steel, designed to be outdoors, in the rain and in the sun. Each owner wants different things, some like their ovens to age naturally, some like them to remain looking good. 

Oiling your oven

Using vegetable oil and a paper towel or something similar, lightly oil the front of the oven to keep the patina from showing. The oil will not affect the oven when cooking or using as an outdoor fire. 

The best way to describe oiling an oven is similar to oiling / seasoning a cast iron pan. 

If you wish to paint the oven at a later date, the oil will not affect the paint as long as you follow the painting process.

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Oven Restoration

In 2022 3 oven restorations took place on 9-10 year old ovens.


Restoration includes a check over of the oven and minor repairs where necessary, replacement of any broken bricks / tiles, updates to more modern designs (where practical) and a repaint. Repainting includes wiping down of the oven, sand blasting, undercoat and top coat.  

Restoration generally starts at $1,500 and if you wish to do it yourself we are happy to sell parts and paint. Restoration teams are based in Morrinsville and Christchurch.

Contact Brendan via email or phone to discuss restoration.

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Large Oven Woodbox_edited.jpg

Maintenance Check / Clean

To clean your oven, load up the fire box and increase temperature to 300 degrees, max 400 degrees. Burn for 1-3 hours to perform a self clean. Brush out once complete.

If you are not going to use the oven for some time, spray some vegetable oil on the damper sliders and make sure they are closed to reduce the chances of seizing. 

If your oven is on a trolley / cabinet, annually check all wheel bolts making sure none are loose.  Very important for oven movement.

Remove ash from the firebox regularly into a non combustible bucket, Once cool spread on the garden.

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