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What is a common saying in NZ? "You wanna come around for a BBQ?" It's what we do in summer, sit around outside with the kids playing, enjoying time together with dinner cooked on the BBQ and everyone bringing salad or dessert. Wood Fired grilling / BBQ is one of the best in The Kiwi Outdoor Oven, grilling over coals in the fire box is easy or placing brisket on the racks inside the oven, there is less mess and you get the beautiful flavor that can comes with wood fire. 

Any cooking outdoors, over an open fire is classed as a BBQ and The Kiwi Outdoor is the ultimate BBQ. In 2023 we are putting our money where our mouth is and have sponsored BBQ superstars team Barbecue BOI, Ken, Jamie & Nick. The team will be competing across the North Island with an Original Large and Nugget, follow them on Instagram or Facebook to see how they go. 


Grilling over wood just makes food taste better, wood fire enhances the flavor of grilled meats, vegetables and bread.

All ovens come with a firebox grill which enables you to cook over the embers. The main difference between The Kiwi Outdoor Oven grill and a traditional BBQ is that heat is provided from above for a more even good and less human attention, just don't let it burn!  

Picanha Steak on the Grill.jpg

BBQ Competition

NZ BBQ Alliance is the official home of BBQ competition in NZ and the national body behind the sanctioning for all BBQ competitions in NZ, as well as the administrators of the hugely popular NZBA social media community.

The teams compete in a variety of cooks:

Chicken, Beef,  Pork, Ribs, Brisket and sometimes Lamb. The judging is blind and based on presentation, texture and taste, highest score wins.

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Will it replace the BBQ?

For some Kiwi Outdoor Oven owners, the BBQ has not used since their oven arrived, for others the continue to use both cooking facilities.

It is all about taste, wood fired cooking takes the standard BBQ from nice to exception. the meat remains juicy, the cook even and the outside is crispy plus you get to enjoy the phenomenal heat.

Once you have bacon from the oven grill rack, you will not want it coo it any other way. 

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