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Add an Outdoor Living area or not, this is the question

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Did you know that a well designed and built outdoor area can increase your home value between 10 - 12 percent? But, it is not just the financial return that is attractive to home owners, it’s the addition of basically another room to the home for a far lower cost. Deck out the area with outdoor heat, a decent sound system and comfortable furniture and there are many memories gained from spending time with Family and Friends in our beautiful Kiwi Outdoor.

“We have close families and friends and love being outside as much as possible. A perfect day is having people around for a swim, that leads into dinner, so we found we wanted to be outside all year round. Over the past few years there are some really cool products now available like louvers, side curtains so outdoor winter living is quickly becoming a reality”

Most outdoor spaces are not far from the family indoor space, situated off the kitchen, dining or family room. Using sliding or bi fold doors between the two areas ensures that there is flow between the two, making it a seamless transition from in to out. Design and style the outdoor area similar to indoors and very quickly everyone will radiate to the outdoors for fresh air and a connection to nature.

Since COVID our homes have transformed into the ultimate entertaining space and we desperately want to entertain safely, making memories with family and friends, chatting, laughing and sharing the very best of life. We are falling back in love with our homes and have a desire to recreate the feelings our overseas holidays gave us, at home. Cocktail parties, lazy day beds, grazing tables and outdoor pizza ovens, all excite the feeling of relaxation, fun, long nights and fabulous time together.

As we come into Spring and Summer there is a certain buzz in the air, as soon as those daffodils pop their head out of the ground, the Kiwi vibes begin. Everyone becomes energetic, out and about enjoying the warmer weather, wanting to be active and bringing people together to share in good times. There is nothing more enjoyable than spending the day in the warmth but NZ evenings have a chill, and in order to stay outside longer we require a heat source to keep the chill away.

Since 2012 The Kiwi Outdoor Oven has been part of many spectacular outdoor spaces. The ovens were built on the philosophy of hot radiating heat to keep the chill away and amazing food to feed many guests. NZ designed and made, the ovens are made to last from weathering steel, blending nicely into the surrounding environment but wowing guests over and over again.

Owners often talk about how many guests they have entertained, the party’s they have had, kids cooking pizzas, smoked fish, slow roasting, grilling steaks and the “OMG… the chicken”. They also just enjoy the fire with a few drinks and a game of cards, such a versatile outdoor appliance.

Outdoor spaces are becoming exciting, we now have the ability to match indoor design with outdoor design, we have access to great lighting, wind barriers and sexy sun shades so we can be outside all year round, this is a massive advantage when you are trying to weigh up cost vs benefit when adding to your home. The decision to invest in a stunning outdoor area and a Kiwi Outdoor Oven is very much determined by your vision of life lived outdoors, what will make you happy, what will bring you peace. Our vision has always been community, bringing people together through food and fire, creating memories in the most beautiful Kiwi Outdoors.


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