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Fire Safety
Please Remember the Importance...
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Keep Calm and Fire Safety On!

As New Zealand comes into the hotter seasons,  it is important to remember fire safety!


Decks, grass, fences and spaces under decks become extremely dry causing an increased chance of embers catching flame and causing areas around you to catch fire.


The Kiwi Outdoor Oven is one of the only outdoor oven / fire on the market that is not classed as an open fire and can be used in a fire ban or dry weather, due to its enclosed fire box with a spark arrestor. This is a huge bonus to The Kiwi Outdoor family as it means we are able to continually use our ovens throughout Summer, however be sensible about usage and think about how FIRE loves to spread!

In the summer of 2021 / 2022, New Zealand had 2 serious bush fires which is scary for not only the families in those areas but for New Zealanders as well. One of these fires was potentially caused by outdoor cooking,  we encourage everyone to practice fire safety!  

Some Handy Hints​

  • - Keep the area around the fire damp and a water bottle handy for hitting any escaped embers

  • - Before you leave the fire for the night, make sure you shut the doors and close the dampers

  • - Remove any flammable objects from around the fire.

Note if a fire warden asks you to douse your fire, you will need to do so

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