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What are the oven dimensions: FAQ

Additional Details about the Original Large


1165mm wide

480mm deep

905mm high (oven)

1445mm high with stand

Oven Weight: 330kg

Stand Weight 40kg

Firebox area (approx): 1065 wide x 440 deep x 250 high

Standard with a 700mm stainless steel flue pipe and spark arrestor for fire safety.

It is ready to light when the flue and spark arrestor are secured in place and positioned correctly.

Satin Black Colour Oven.jpg

What comes with the oven?

Full oven Rack

Firebox Grill


Spark Arrestor

Italian Cordierite Pizza Stones (2)

The ovens are ready to fire upon receipt. They will need a seasoning fire.

A seasoning fire involves taking the oven to 300 degrees and holding it there for 30 mins. 

This firing softens the paint so care needs to be taken.

Once 30 mins is complete, allow the oven to come back to cold. This is harden the paint.

Once this firing is done, the oven can be used full noise.

Copper Oven with open side Trolley.jpg
Large Oven Rack.jpg



Standard Stainless Steel $9,600

Premium Copper $10,700

Premium Colour $11,200

Heat Shield (Standard) $1,300

Heat Shield (Black) $1,600

Cover $550

Drip Tray $165


Standard $1,600

Standard with sides (stainless) $2,200

Standard with sides (colour) $2,500

Cabinet / Warming Drawer $3,250

Woodbox $2,500

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