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Weathering Steel

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

The Kiwi Outdoor Ovens are made from NZ weathering steel (also known as Cor-ten steel). Weathering steel is quite remarkable and has two distinguishing properties - corrosion and tensile strength. Under ideal situations weathering steel will last decades

Corrosion strength means that the steel has improved atmospheric corrosion resistance, rusting on the surface to form a protective layer called patina. The patina develops and regenerates continuously when exposed to the the weather maintaining a protective coat.

Tensile strength is defined as the maximum stress that the steel can withstand.

The use of weathering steel ensures that our outdoor ovens / fires have the best chance to live a long and full life outside, lasting far longer than people expect. We source the steel from NZ steel knowing that this is designed for NZ environments. The original 2012 ovens, developed in the Coromandel by the sea are still in use today, providing exception heat and food long into the night.

When investing in a quality product there will be expectations of that product, we know our ovens will last the distance and because of this we give our ovens a 10 year steel / welding warranty (residential only).

It is normal for our ovens to get patina, the speed of it appearing will depend on your environment, if the oven is covered or not and use. As an example, the below oven is 12 months old and has sat outside 24/7 in all weather, with no cover and used approx 1-2 times per week up to phenomenal heat. This is a standard look for weathering steel, the ovens can be oiled with normal vegetable oil to help protect them.

The owner gave the oven a spruce up for the New Year and it was repainted, ready for the next year of use.


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