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Customers with large properties that want to cook in different locations, caterers and mobile pizza units love our trailer oven. This is why The Kiwi Outdoor Oven is so versatile, they are easy to move from its home base onto a trailer to take to the bach or friends party. The oven will heat up to 350 degrees within 30 minutes or produce up to 50 pizzas per hour and because the oven provides consistent heat there are no cold spots in the cooking chamber. The trailer oven is perfect to serve amazing food and phenomenal heat, leaving guests with a deep sense of satisfaction when they leave at the end of the event.


You will not find anything else on the market that compares to the Trailer Oven, it will produce cooking results that are far superior to other facilities, from banquets for large groups, hams for a easy lunch or quick moving, tasty pizza. Roasts will fall off the bone, BBQ grilling will provide a more natural smoky flavour and salmon will be juicy with crispy skin. Roast vegetables can be added when ready, as well as garlic bread and corn in the husk. Slow cooking is made easy because of conductive heating directly from the back of the oven, making it so easy to maintain the heat.


Oven Dimensions

Approximate for initial fitment

1180mm wide

500mm deep

910mm high (oven)

1450mm high on stand

Weight: 330kg (370kg with stand)


Trailers are custom made.

Standard with a stainless-steel spark arrestor for fire safety.

It is ready to light when the flue and spark arrestor are secured in place and positioned correctly.

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