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What to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Fire

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

It's time - you want some form of outdoor heating / dining - you want to be outdoors longer in comfort - you have made the decision - to boost your own outdoor area for the upcoming summer - taking it from a standard area to an entertainers dream!

95% of the time we have been to a friends place or attended an event where there is a outdoor fire, we notice how everyone gravitates towards the heat and the ambiance the fire creates. This is what we want for ourselves, entertaining others with an unique experience, providing the wow factor and getting such positive feedback we feel proud and satisfied.

But... there are so many options on the market, so much choice and it is difficult to make a decision. The decision is important, if you buy an outdoor fire and then wish to cook, you will need to add expensive parts and it is more difficult to achieve exceptional food. If you buy an outdoor cooking facility you will struggle to get high heats for sitting around afterwards. So,when making any investment for an outdoor area it is helpful to understand what your needs are and what is important to you. Let's see what The Kiwi Outdoor Oven (KOO) will provide you:

A hot outdoor fire

With a separate firebox that is insulated with firebricks plus the entire oven made of 5mm corten steel it will be difficult to find a fire that radiates as much heat as the KOO does. With temperatures getting up to over 450 degrees, no one will be missing out on the awesome heat. At every show / event the KOO attends everyone comments on the impressive heat coming from the firebox, nothing else compares to it.

The ability to cook

NZ culture is all inclusive, we want to be outdoors with our guests, enjoying and partaking in the conversation and fun. There are huge advantages of outdoor cooking facilities or ovens, no one is stuck inside in the kitchen over hot stoves, there is minimal mess as any spillage gets burnt off, guests love to help out and food can feel quite experimental with new flavors.

What can the KOO cook? Anything that can be cooked in an indoor oven can be cooked in a KOO - this means pizzas, roasts, garlic bread, roasted vegetables, corn, salmon, bread, skewers, mac n cheese, biscuits, cakes and the list goes on. It can all be cooked at once or whilst the meat is resting put in the corn and the garlic bread.

Achieving that amazing smoked flavor meal is not as easy as simply placing food over some embers nor will the perfect pizza be achieved with only a bottom heat. To achieve a true bake effect you need the consistent heat from the bottom and the top that the KOO provides. Placing food in cooking facilities in an open fire or a pizza box may not achieve the desired result and cause disappointment in your purchase.

Quick to Heat

Outdoor fires should be easy to light, quick to heat and not time consuming to maintain. When you purchase a KOO, instructions are provided with perfect fire lighting techniques, the oven will heat to 300 degrees in 30 minutes and once you have reached the perfect temperature smaller pieces of wood added will maintain the heat perfectly.

Because of this it is so easy to come home on a week night, light the fire and cook the evening meal whilst the kids finish off their homework or play outside.

Fire Bans

So many areas go into complete fire ban over the summer months for open fires. Because the KOO has an enclosed firebox it is one of the few facilities that can operate in a fire ban.


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