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The Waiheke Scone

If you are looking for a delicious, easy and quick meal to make, this recipe is for you! One Sunday afternoon, we decided to have scones as a late lunch and there is nothing better than a light and fluffy scone to fill your tummy!

The Waiheke Scone is made with 4 ingredients with minimal cooking time where the secret is lemonade. We love to make these scones when we are having a lazy day and do not necessarily feel like cooking a huge lunch where the smokiness from the Kiwi Outdoor Oven adds in at the end of the mouthful causing for a satisfying flavour.

Although this recipe is quick and easy, here are simple tips to make the best scones in town!

  • Do not overmix the dough as this causes the scones to not become light and fluffy

  • If you are wanting a nice rounded shape, we used a cookie cutter - this also helped with same sized scones.

  • The mixture is quite wet and sticky, so when kneading the dough, you will need a fair amount of flour on your hands and the bench to help minimise the stick.

  • We love to serve our scones with any flavour of jam, freshly whipped cream and a nice hot cuppa on the side.