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Sunday Cooked Breakfast - Typically Kiwi

Updated: Feb 13

I don't know about you but Sunday morning for The Kiwi Outdoor has always been lazy mornings, a sleep in and late breakfast. Trained from a young age to save potatoes from the previous night, to always have bacon in the fridge, hash browns in the freezer and make sure those eggs are fresh! A recent Sunday morning was no different to normal other than we had four hungry teenage boys in the house and when you have that much food on the go, it is ALWAYS easier to fire up a Kiwi Outdoor Oven and cook the lot in one hit.

The menu for the morning was hash browns, eggs and bacon. The hash browns and eggs would be done in the cooking chamber and the bacon over the fire. The art of a good breakfast is getting everything cooked at the right time so hash browns in first on a tray, eggs next and lastly the bacon. The oven temperature was between 150 - 200 degrees Celsius.

The hash browns are placed on an oven tray and placed on the pizza tiles. We find that this helps brown them up nicely.

The eggs are broken into a greased tray and covered with tin foil before putting into the oven. The tin foil cover is used to create a consistent cook on the top of the eggs, however this thinking has come from cooking eggs on an internal stove (old habits die hard).

The bacon is placed on the fire box grill and pushed in over the flames. The bacon will crisp up nicely once it is removed from the fire box.