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Roast Vegetables with Risoni & Feta

Updated: Feb 13

Every time we make this recipe, everyone raves about it - it is just so delicious and extremely easy to make!

Select vegetables that you enjoy eating, we always include beetroot, red onion & capsicum as a must have for flavour.

Cut the vegetables up into bite size chunks

Sprinkle pepper & little bit of salt. 

Place them in The Kiwi Outdoor Oven and we find it easier not to add any oil, there is less sticking.

Whilst they are cooking, boil up 1/2 cup of Risino and cut up as much feta as you desire, we like feta chunks but many prefer crumbed.

Once the vegetables are cooked remove them from the oven and place in a bowl.

Add the Risoni & feta and toss together.

Add some spinach leaves if you like for a bit of colour

Drizzle lemon or lime juice or another dressing (a good chance to be creative).

We have found a recipe online that is similar for your reference.