• The Kiwi Outdoor

Nice & Easy Focaccia

The Kiwi Outdoor does not want to reinvent the wheel - we want to be able to take our favourite recipes and make them exceptional through wood fired cooking. Paul Hollywood is one of the finest artisan bakers in England and is involved with The Great British Bake Off. We find his recipes easy to follow and generally fail proof.

We recently tried this recipe and were extremely pleased with how to turned out and tasted. Just a few tips to help you through the process if you are willing to give this a go.

  • It was quite a wet dough, after kneading & proving, you are left with a dough full of bubbles which will help create a light sponge-like texture.

  • To help stop the bread from collapsing, the need to reduce the air content is important which can be done by creating dimples. This can be done by poking indents on top of the loaf. This gives Focaccia its unique character.

  • Once ready to eat, we tore the bread up and dipped into chutney as well as olive oil and balsamic vinegar.