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Campfire Pitta Bread

Updated: Feb 13

The Kiwi Outdoor does not want to reinvent the wheel - we want to be able to take our favourite recipes and make them exceptional through wood fired cooking. Paul Hollywood is one of the finest artisan bakers in England and is involved with The Great British Bake Off. We find his recipes easy to follow and generally fail proof.

On a recent camping trip with the oven we made the pita bread on side and had it pre dinner with salsa and baked camembert cheese. Here are a bunch of tips:

  • We use Edmonds Instant Dry Yeast Sachets. One sachet will be enough for this recipe and they last far longer than a jar of yeast

  • The dough was kneaded in the bowl (there was no clean work surface) and we did not have any cling film so used a tea towel.

  • Unable to roll the dough we rolled it out by hand but next time I was making this in the bush I would use a bottle or something similar

  • The rolled out dough was placed directly on the pizza tiles in The Kiwi Outdoor Oven using the pizza peel.